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Hi, we’re Claire & Anthony – a British couple who are qualified Physics teachers currently (June 2015) working in China on the i-to-i TEFL internship with ImmerQi. Our adventure began back in early October (Anthony’s 30th birthday) when we quit our jobs (at the same school, at the same time & with practically the same letter of resignation!) to fulfil our dream of travelling for as long as we can.

Us in Bangkok

Where did our love of travelling originate?

Separately, before we met, we had always wanted to travel. Anthony had been on a World Challenge with a group of students from the school he was teaching at. The destination: Venezuela. Here they climbed Pico Campanario, volunteered in a remote riverside village deep in the Venezuelan rainforest and visited the world famous Angel Falls. I had been on two month long trips: one round the Western 10 states of the USA with TREK America (best month of my life ever!!) where I saw the Grand Canyon, partied in Las Vegas and crossed the Golden Gate Bridge (to name but a few highlights). The following year I went to China with Exodus (including a visit to the Great Wall, Terracotta Army and Yangtze River cruise through the Three Gorges Dam).

Where have we been so far?

Since being together as a couple we have visited several European locations, but really fell in love with travelling during a month-long tour round South East Asia visiting Thailand, Laos, Vietnam (where we got engaged) and Cambodia. Since then we have been back to SE Asia to visit Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. We are currently working our way around China.

The RTW trip

We have begun our travels by completing a TEFL internship with i-to-i in China. We hope to continue our RTW trip by travelling to and making a difference in a number of locations by volunteering. Our current plan for this trip sees us working alongside Voluntary Projects Overseas (VPO) and Plan My Gap Year (PMGY) in Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and South Africa. We hope to make a difference through teaching and community work (with some conservation work in Sri Lanka) mainly, using the new TEFL qualification we have gained as well as our previous experience as teachers in the UK and China.

Whilst doing this we will hope to develop our online blog to: keep friends and family in the loop; encourage others to follow their dreams of travel; and to support would be travellers with tips and information on the places we visit.

Featured posts on other travel blogs

We have been really lucky to connect with so many amazing travellers. Some have even featured us on their blogs so if you want to find out a little more about us at the same time as connecting with new bloggers then check out this list:

  • Emily over at The Grown Up Gap Year featured us after being inspired by our story to give up every we own and take our very own “grown-up gap year.”
  • We’ve also featured on Love Tripping as “Couple of the Week” – we had great fun answering their questions.
  • Recently Intentional Travellers interviewed us. We really enjoyed having the opportunity to reach out and inspire others to travel.
  • We were approached by Once in a lifetime journey to share a moment of kindness performed by a stranger whilst travelling. A great opportunity to restore others’ faith in humanity, especially for travellers who otherwise would be left to fend for themselves.

Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you enjoy our posts. If you haven’t got much time you can watch our “About Us” video on our YouTube Channel.

Claire & Anthony

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