Going Down Under

Australia has been on Anthony’s bucket list for a long time and only now are we finally getting round to a visit “Down Under”. Having met some amazing Australians along the way we are sure of their hospitality and look forward to experiencing the recommendations we have been given. With only two months, it’s going to be a jammed-packed road trip, but we can’t wait to get started. Here you’ll find the route and if we’re coming past you then why not contact us for a meet up, send us a recommendation or point us in the direction of a warm couch we can lay our heads for the night?

Road trip route

Below you’ll find a rough outline of our route which has been growing in the number of destinations since reading the Lonely Planet guide, perusing the Australian Tourist information online and most importantly, speaking to the good people of Australia. What follows is a brief step by step of the ‘plan’ so far…

Our planned route around Australia
Our planned route around Australia

As you can see, we may be a little ambitious in what we hope to achieve but then the more you look into it, the more you find there is.

  • Flying into Melbourne – hoping to have our first couchsurfing experience!
  • Explore Melbourne and maybe even get to visit Ramsey Street for the times Nan and I would watch it together!
  • Fly out to Tasmania, a place we have been told is a must visit. Whilst here we hope to rent a car and drive around for several days. Any recommendations?
  • Back to Melbourne, pick up another hire car and drive via Adelaide (on the Great Ocean Road) to Perth.
  • Having explored Perth and Freemantle, we’ll be swapping the car for an airplane to shoot straight up to Darwin in the North.
  • Unfortunately we won’t have too long in Darwin before we drive down to Alice Springs to see, amongst other things, Uluru.
  • The flight from Alice Springs to Sydney will reunite us with a few friends we made along the way and a chance to walk over the Sydney Harbour Bridge!
  • Hoping to find a cheap camper van we’ll be working our way up the east coast with all the usual tourist stops and maybe a few good local recommendations.
  • Our final destination will be Cairns where we hope to see the Great Barrier Reef – Anthony is currently looking at options to learn to scuba dive there – another big bucket list item for him!

Have you been to Australia? Are you an Australian? Either way, do you have any great recommendations, tips or advice? Maybe you’d like to meet up or know someone who could host us? If you do then please get in touch as we would love to hear from you. Sign up for email updates if you want to follow us as we head “Down Under” and find out what we get up to.

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