China Tour Day 5: Xi’an

Today I woke up in Xi’an after an overnight journey from Beijing but sadly I was not feeling well. However, this did not stop me from getting out there and exploring. Read on to find out more about this walled city with a strong Muslim community.

Wednesday 7th August 2013

Woke up in Xi’an today, having got the sleeper train last night and slept relatively well all things considered. The outskirts of this city seem to be undergoing a lot of development. Took a bus from the train station to the hotel and went straight for breakfast. This was a bit of a shock since we were used to some Western items like baked beans and potato but here the only recognisable item was bacon. Plus I did not feel well at all.

We started with a walk through the Muslim quarter. It was lively and busy with mopeds everywhere as well as people selling and eating strange food! I couldn’t fully appreciate it as I felt dizzy – like I was going to faint. All I wanted to do was to lie down but I persevered as best I could. Finally we came to the Great Mosque. As I was feeling very poorly I just sat on the steps while everyone went around. It was so peaceful and gave me a chance to take the rehydration sachet that Lucy had found out for me. I did have a short walk through towards the end of the tour and was struck by how very beautiful and serene it was. Especially as just outside there was the frantic hustle and bustle of life.

Continuing on we walked past the Bell and Drum Tower of Xi’an – these were very similar in design to those we had visited in Beijing. Eventually we made it to our next destination: the Xi’an City Wall. This is a complete city wall, rectangular in shape and approximately 14 km all the way around. I wasn’t feeling perfect but I didn’t feel as dizzy or faint anymore (plus it was cooler as there was a slight drizzle) so I decided to hire bikes like everyone else. They handed out free ponchos (though I had my rain coat) and it was funny seeing everyone cycling in an array of bright and often neon colours. Really enjoyed the cycling as the cool breeze was making me feel a little more human and I only went three-quarters of the way around as I didn’t want to push it. Therefore we got off at the North Gate and walked back to the hotel.

I wasn’t up to much so didn’t bother with going to the bank (as previously planned) nor did I attend the dumpling banquet (which was a little disappointing). Instead I stuck to a very plain pot noodle and a very early night hoping I would feel better in the morning.

Photos from Xi’an – Day 5

This tour is a 20 day tour provided by Exodus and you can click on the China link in the menu to read more about my adventure. If you are interested in or already booked on this trip and would like to know more than please feel free to contact me directly.

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