Nanjing – historic former capital

Shrouded in historical significance this is a must visit city if you want to truly understand the horrors that the Chinese people faced at the hands of the Japanese. Even before this time, Nanjing was once the nation’s capital during the Ming dynasty and later the capital of the Republic of China. There is much evidence of its historical importance in the city walls, the Ming Palace ruins and on the sides of Purple Mountain.

Check out our highlights from the trips we took to Nanjing as we explore the historic roots of the city and its Ming capital past:

We also explore the Purple Mountain, home to a wide variety of cultural and historic landmarks that make Nanjing famous:

Find out the details of our visit to Nanjing by checking out our blog posts on the Ming Xiaoling Tomb and Purple Mountain. We also explore the historic Ming roots and understand the pain of the Nanjing Massacre.

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