KL Express: Summary

To Love – book tickets (pre-book to avoid disappointment) to ascend the famous Petronas Towers with your loved one as the Sun goes down and KL lights up!

To Live – Navigate your way around the city using the public transport system: LRT & the monorail. What an experience and it’s certainly how the locals get around!!

To Travel – Use the KL Hop on Hop off bus service to see as much of the city as you can in a short space of time! Great for getting around to the top attractions and learning about the city.

To Eat – Try a Mamak – it’s popular with residents and is a great way to try local food (some great Malaysian favourites) in a buffet style system.

To Sleep – For the budget traveller stay in the heart of Chinatown where cheap hostels open up onto the main Petaling Street.

To See – Visit the National Museum where you will be able to see how Malaysia has developed from its colonial past to the modern day.

To Do – A stroll through the night market on Petaling Street is a must – food, souvenirs, merchandise and we even saw a monkey on a motorbike!

To Walk – Walk through Merdeka Square – not only will you be standing on the spot where independence was first declared (as the Union Jack was lowered in 1957) but you’ll have a great view of the KL skyline!

To Work – Look out for free wifi on the go but failing that the hostels are a great place to get some work done at the end of a long day!

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