TEFL: Half-way through! | ImmerQi Internship

It only seems like yesterday that we were sitting on the train as it sped down towards Wuxi for the start of our i-to-i TEFL China Internship with ImmerQi. Fast forward and we’ve now passed through the half-way stage and we’re well on the way to the conclusion of the internship. In our time here in Wuxi, we’ve learned so much about education, Chinese culture and about ourselves.

It’s amazing to think how far we’ve come since that first week in Wuxi when we didn’t think we’d get into week two. By the end of the first month though, our view had completely changed. You can also read more about our experiences half-way through our internship.

What next?

So as we approach the end of the TEFL internship, you’re probably wondering What Next? We know we were! Read our exciting plans for our RTW trip starting in September 2015.

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