What to take when you don’t know what you’ll need: Tech

I admit it – I’m a geek. No matter which way you look at it, I’m always on the look out for the newest ‘gizmo’ or piece of technology to make my life easier or more interesting. So when Claire and I started to look into the world of long-term travelling, I of course sought to select the best technology to make our lives as efficient as possible (partly to compensate the fact that I can be notoriously inefficient at times!). Very much an ongoing project, my collection of technology is growing only to meet the needs of our journey whilst minimising the weight and volume that the items take up.

These are just our personal opinions – we’re not endorsing any of these nor do we receive royalties for sharing them.

  1. Multi plug adapter
  2. SKROSS Multiplug world adapter with 2 USB PortsSingle unit that is both compact but adaptable. This works for every voltage and plug arrangement and includes two USB ports that can be used with an additional device plugged in. With a mass of less than 200 g, and with dimensions of 18.8 x 12.2 x 2.8 cm, this should be in the bag with every country hopper. We bought this via Amazon UK – there are other retailers available.

  3. Portable Power Supply
  4. Mobile charging deviceFor those long journeys, this is an essential and light piece of kit that can recharge up to two of your essential electrical devices at the same time. Connected via USB, this is good for four full charges of your iPhone or an iPad and iPhone. It equally connects to the mains for charging itself, making it flexible and lightweight without the need for lots of extra cables or connectors. With dimensions of 18.8 x 12.2 x 2.8 cm and a mass of 240 g, it easily fits into your day pack with minimal fuss, conveniently available whenever, wherever you need it. We bought this via Amazon UK – there are other retailers available.

  5. iPhone 5S
  6. Apple iPhone 5SThe ubiquitous smart phones are a must in the pocket of any tech savvy traveller. Beyond the obvious use for phone, they can handle your remote office access, web browsing, reservation booking, photo and video shooting (with editing features), social media interface and much, much more. Through much of the world, the availability of free WiFi means even a Pay As You Go with no data allowance can still be useful wherever you travel. Hint: get a case with an integrated hand loop for added security whilst using out and about, deterring opportunistic thieves from swiping the device from your hand. Ours was obtained from the Apple UK store.

  7. eBags
  8. eBag packing cubesNot technically ‘tech’ in the traditional sense but these proved invaluable during our trip to SE Asia and all our subsequent journeys since. Inspired by recommendations from fellow travel bloggers, these packing cubes help to organise our belongings (both tech and clothing) quickly and compactly in our bags. Available in a range of sizes and colours, these revolutionised packing for us and made the constant packing/unpacking on a regular basis really easy. As with most items, ours were sourced through Amazon UK – a range of other brands and retailers are available.

As we get closer to our travels and begin our journey, this list will be updated with our newest acquisitions – check back to see what else we settle on!

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